If there’s one thing I have really been enjoying this season, it has been burning candles! I think I am developing a bit of an addiction and it all started with the Bath & Body Works dupes that has been disappearing of the shelves in B&M Bargains quicker than you can say ‘Christmas’. The other night, I had no candle burning in my room and it just didn’t feel right at all. Candles make your room feel cosy and festive, you instantly feel the warmth as soon as you walk into your room. Now I have been trying a lot of candles out recently so I thought I would mention a few of my favourites that I have been burning this season.


First up is the Vanilla Chai candle from The Body Shop. Hands up if you were clueless that they even did candles?! I certainly didn’t until I went to the event at my local store a couple of weeks ago. Although the packaging of the candles isn’t really that spectacular, the scent whilst it is burning is a completely different matter! It smells rather similar to the oh-so-famous Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle which is equally as amazing.


The other sweet scent that I have been enjoying recently is the Almond & Sugar candle from Cereria Molla. I actually found this one whilst browsing the shelves in TK Maxx. If you love the scent of marzipan then you need to try and get your hands on this candle as it smells exactly like that. The candle was handmade in Spain using vegetable wax which I think gives it that special something compared to the other candles in this post.


Moving on from the sweet scented candles, I picked up Black Cherry Merlot from B&M. As you can tell from the lid, it is much like the Bath and Body Works candles but for half the price. They have all sorts of scents but my advice is to be quick because there are rarely any in my local B&M. They just go so quickly. I did have another scent but I used that one up quite quickly and can’t remember the name of it now. This one is for those who prefer the fruity sweet scents rather than the likes of sugar scented candles.


Finally, another TK Maxx find was Sparkling Cranberry by DW Home. This one is the most fresh fragrance out of all the candles and smells similar to a cold winter’s morning which I quite like as something a bit different to the others. Another way to describe the scent is the smell of holly leaves. I usually burn this one on a Saturday morning rather than in the evening as it is quite an awakening scent compared to the others.

Now excuse me whilst I try and decide which one to burn whilst watching Arthur Christmas with a packet of biscuits tonight…

What’s your favourite Winter candle? Is there any brand that I should look at next?


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