If there’s one thing that I love watching or reading – it’s the classic ‘What In My Bag’ post. I don’t know why but it is probably because I am a nosy parker and I just like knowing these things. I also really wanted to share this beautiful number that I got for Christmas from my Aunt. It’s from New Look and is absolutely gorgeous! I love the floral print on one side but I like how you can switch it round and just have the basic black side on the other. It’s such a great little number for everyday errands, whether that’s the weekly shop at the weekend or travelling to work during the week. So what have I actually got in my bag?

Starting with the essentials, I have my keys. Something that I lose the majority of the time so they have to be filled with at least five key rings so that I can find them. I have my diary because it is my bible. Every meeting, every important date and every important telephone number or contact is hidden in there. I usually go for an A5 size but this year I have went for something a little smaller. There is usually hidden vouchers for various different shops. I always carry a spare charger as well. It’s just something that has become a habit for so long now. I have an iPhone 7 Plus which usually lasts all day but you never know when you might need a charger. There’s been plenty of times my phone has ran out of juice and I have been locked outside because I have lost my key.

I have downsized my purse recently too. I used to carry around a bulky one that had space for loads of cards, coins and notes but I don’t use it all. This one is just the right size for what I need. I keep my essentials in card section (debit, ID, Superdrug points card, Paperchase card, Nandos Loyalty Card…) and my coins in the zipped section. Having a small purse also means that I need to be an adult and look after my receipts somewhere else. This means having an A4 box hidden in my desk and throwing them in every time I clear my purse out.

On the beauty front, I usually keep things quite simple. I mix it up on a weekly basis so that I can stay in control and not let my handbag become an oversized makeup bag. At the moment, I’ve got The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream, The Library of Fragrance Pistachio Ice Cream Perfume, Superdrug’s Dry Skin Relief Cream for dry hands and eczema and GOSH Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Smoothie‘. It’s surprising that I haven’t got more lip products than this because I usually have half a dozen in my bag…

There are some practical bits hidden in between the two compartments too including my Tangle Teezer because it’s great for on the go, Co-Codamol, Paracetamol, Lozenges and many bobbles and hair grips.

Other essentials include my iPod Classic with my whole library collection installed, headphones which work with my iPhone but not my iPod, an out of date pass for local transport and my travel sized worry eater that Edd’s mum created for me. She is called Ellie and I love her a lot because she looks after all my worries and any business cards.

I’d love to know what little things you can’t leave your home without! Have we got anything similar?

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