Firstly can everyone go and say a massive Happy Birthday to Edd, it will make him very happy!

Now, I know that this isn’t related to anything I usually talk about on my little corner of the internet however I am assuming that most of you will have a man in your life. Whether that be your boyfriend, husband, brother or father and it will come a time when you need ideas or hints on what to get them for their birthday or Christmas. I read Lauren’s ‘What I Got My Boyfriend For Christmas‘ post and I thought I would do something similar for Edd’s birthday just to help my lovely readers out in future situations.

His main present is a trip to Edinburgh next week. I am sure if you follow me on social media you have probably heard a lot about it. I can’t wait to just spend some quality time with him and explore Edinburgh all over again. However, because I am the best girlfriend ever I thought I would get him a few little gifts as well.

What I Got My Boyfriend For His Birthday

He actually sent me a list of presents that he would like which I chose a few from. These were: the Pop! Arkham Knight Scarecrow, Batman: The Long Halloween and the Studio Matryoshka Dolls. The rest of the gifts are what I picked out myself in the hope that he likes them.

Fun fact: Before we started going out, he came round to mine and we watched Batman all afternoon so it was only right that I brought him Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology. I can’t wait to start watching them with him later tonight because I haven’t seen them myself. I always so him the Justice League Duvet Set because he hasn’t got any other duvet sets other than these boring black and white ones. They have all his favourite characters and logos on and hopefully it will make his bedroom look a bit more colourful!

Edd loves building and creating things. Seriously, he is like a big kid in a grown mans body but I’m okay with that because we are on the same level as each other. I decided to get him one of the Lego Nexo Knights. He can build it up and then fight against other players using an app on his phone or iPad. I thought this was such a cool idea and he can start collecting them too. I also got him the green Puzzleman after his dog, Bailey, killed his previous one. In addition, I got him some Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, Superdrug’s Blood Orange & Ginger Hair and Body Wash and a Peter Rabbit keyring with the letter ‘E’ on it which I managed to sneak into my basket when we went to The World of Beatrix Potter.

Personally, I love reading posts like this. I find them so useful when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. What do you get your boyfriend for his birthday? Let me know in the comments.