Does anyone else love seeing everyone’s ‘What I Got For Christmas‘ posts? I know that I do. I definitely know that I am late to the party considering it’s past New Year too but I thought someone might find enjoyment from it. I’m so happy and grateful for everything that I have received this year.

I didn’t really have anything on my wishlist apart from clothes so I was shocked to find a Ukulele under the tree on Christmas morning. I’ve always been quite a musical person and I am so happy to finally have something to concentrate on when I am alone in the flat. Alongside that I received a book that explains the basics in playing the ukulele which I’ll find extremely helpful. I suddenly feel slightly sorry for my neighbours…

Reading is something that I have really enjoyed this past year so I was so grateful to receive quite a few. The first was Secrets For The Mad by Dodie Clark, Almost Adulting by Arden Rose, Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter Illustrated Edtn) by Jim Kay. I started reading Almost Adulting already and it’s such a down-to-earth read and I highly recommend to any young person feeling a little bit lost and confused with various topics such as friendships, relationships and living independently.

I received a lovely selection of gifts from my friend Alice at Alice’s Wonder Emporium. She not only treated me to the hummingbird bakery cookbook (which would have been fine on it’s own) but she also got a set of measuring spoons, a set of measuring cups and made a ‘cookie in the jar’ recipe for me to bake some cookies. I’m so grateful and can’t wait to try some of these delicious recipes in the book out this year as well as the cookie recipe too.

For the house, I also received a Hedwig Mug which will be a great addition to my Harry Potter shelf, Hotel Chocolat Classic Drinking Chocolate, a Light Up Message Board which has been on my wishlist for an extremely long time and two DVDs: Spider-Man Homecoming and The Beatrix Potter Collection. I also received two packs of instax film for my camera and a beautiful pink ombré scarf.

I didn’t ask for many makeup/beauty items this year however I am so happy to have received a lovely selection of Lush treats. I’ve had the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar and Snow Angel Bath Melt before but I’ve not had the chance to try the Snow Fairy Jelly Bath Bomb or the Thundersnow Bath Bomb yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to move into somewhere new with a bath soon so I can enjoy them. I also received the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette which I have been lusting over ever since it’s release. The shades are just so perfect!

What did you get for Christmas 2017?

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