Even though I am a lot older now, the thrill and sparkle of Christmas and waking up to presents under the tree always makes me feel happy and tingly inside. This year, I have had more involvement in what Santa has brought this year and even though I handed out a list as long as my arm, giving family and friends options is always the best I reckon, I was extremely lucky and received some lovely surprises.
The ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts are rather popular amongst bloggers and youtubers so I thought I would follow the crowd and let you in on what Santa has treated me to this year. I am certainly not showing off or bragging in any matter, it’s just because I wanted to innocently share my presents to nosey parkers such as myself. It may even give you an insight into me as a person.
I was lucky enough to receive the Naked On The Run palette by my boyfriend which was much of a surprise! It is gorgeous and so handy for busy people such as myself. Stay tuned for a more in depth review sometime in January. Soap & Glory’s orange scented perfume smells gorgeous and much like a summer evening, I am well and truly looking forward to using this as well as my Benefit blushers and trying some new Lush items out.
Non Beauty
My main Christmas present this year was my beautiful Sigma 70-300mm lens for my Canon camera. I am completely in love with it already and even though I am still working out the best angles and lighting for it, you can expect a lot better photos from me in the future. The lens itself is really heavy and does weight your camera down so I did end up getting a tripod to help me out with this a bit. I am excited to try the Hotel Chocolat Drinking Chocolate and have a read of IT by Alexa Chung and #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I find both ladies extremely inspiring. The DVDs are both from my boyfriend, it was really weird on Christmas Day as I also got him the Beauty and the Beast DVD and we opened them at the same time. Great mind thinks alike, eh?! He also got me a Snowflake charm to add to my Thomas Sabo bracelet which I got for my birthday this year.
Did you get anything nice? What was your favourite present this year?