I understand. Valentine’s Day is extremely overrated and in my opinion if you love someone you should show them every day of the year. Make them feel special all the time, not just February 14. I am a lover of a good old date once in a while and guaranteed Phill and I will more than likely be doing at least one of these this weekend. You can really start to get creative and if your on a budget it doesn’t have to be expensive either which is always a good thing.

Movie Night

Fact – the cinema is extremely expensive and for students that’s not a good thing. A cheaper alternative is buying a few favourite classics from CEX or Grainger Games, grabbing the microwave popcorn, lighting a few candles and cuddling up on the sofa. I already know that Phill has managed to find a second hand copy of Avatar which I haven’t watched in so long so I am very excited for that. You could even treat yourself to a luxurious box of chocolates.

Coastal Walks

If your more of the outdoors kind of couple then I suggest grabbing the camera and going for a walk. We often do this to take the dog. It gives you time together to talk about things and enjoy each other’s company. It will also give you something to write about if you come across anything exciting. I love the coast and feel extremely grateful living so close to the sea. It’s nice to just get out sometimes.

Evening Out

Unless you both have a lot of spare money, going out to a restaurant is a luxurious treat. The North East has some wonderful cheap places to go to. Why not prepare and have a look for a voucher on the internet too. Za Za Bazaar in The Gate, Newcastle is always somewhere I have wanted to try. It offers a variety of foods from all of the world so even the fussiest eat such as myself will find something they will like.

Road Trip 

The weather can also be a bit of a let down so why not take the car, throw the map out the window and travel somewhere, anywhere. You can find lots of cute little villages with cute shops to treat yourself in. The cafes you can come across are usually affordable and picturesque. Again it will also provide us bloggers with something to talk about later on.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big song and dance. Sometimes it’s just the memories which you make and remember which are the best thing. Just enjoy each other’s company.