Two Hearts Beating As One was the one Lush product that I was most intrigued about when the Valentine’s Day collection was first released. I honestly think that the Valentine’s collection is one of my most favourite that they release each and every year. I love Unicorn Horn. I love the Prince Charming Shower Cream. I especially love Lover Lamp but this year it’s the bath melt that stole my heart. Damn you cupid!

Alone bath melts don’t provide you with a huge extravagant display perhaps just some added colour but they can easily been thrown into your bubble bath or used to create a cocktail with another bath bomb to create an enhanced scent. They are usually packed full of butters and essentials oils that ripple through your bath to create waters that feel silky and smooth once you immerse  your body in the water. These butters and essential oils softens and hydrates the skin so much so that you don’t really need to moisturise. I occasionally use Frozen with Razzle Dazzle because the two together smell like a tropical paradise.

The scent of Two Hearts smells totally unique and different compared to other scents in Lush. It is floral and sweet but not so strong as other bath melts. It goes really well with the Cupid Bath Bomb that they have also released this year. It has ylang ylang and rose oils to give it the floral scent whilst the almond oils, apricot kennel oils and cocoa butters hydrate and nourish the skin. The bath melt can be split into two; one for your best friend or partner and the other for you, or you could treat yourself and throw the whole thing in at once. If you have time to pick one up before they disappear for the rest of the year, I highly suggest picking one up.

Have your triedTwo Hearts Beating As One yet? What’s your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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