While the end of October brought the countdown to Christmas, for other’s it was the time to celebrate birthdays. Hafzah (birthday girl), Libby and I headed to Red Mezze in Newcastle city centre for a meal. Personally, I have never tried a Turkish restaurant so I was faced with the question of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new or sticking to what I knew I liked and enjoyed.
In the end I went for a delicious and perfect sized helping of Feta Cheese Salad. It had tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce in as well as the grated feta cheese. The service at Red Mezze was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with the girls. They brought out Turkish delight squares on sticks with the bill for us, again tasted divine. The prices for the meals were really inexpensive as well, perfect for a cheap night out for students!
After dinner we went and had a look round the shops as it was late night shopping including Lush and Boots.
Have you been to Red Mezze before? Do you enjoy trying different cuisines?