Happy Friday! I don’t really know the outcome of what this post is going to be, it’s probably just going to raise awareness because it is a topic that I feel super strong about especially recently. Although the Christmas season is well and truly out the way, the weather is still cold, wet and can sometimes be quite icy and I just wanted to share a couple of ways you can do to make sure you stay safe and well.

I know this is completely different to what I usually post but last month a family member was involved in a car accident. Lucky enough, he wasn’t seriously hurt but he was so lucky. His phone had actually assisted him by ringing the emergency services and alerting them which I think was rather clever. Slater Gordon Personal Injury have actually put together an infographic with tips and advice for #SeasonalTravels which would be worth looking at but I thought I would also share my own.

Coat – New Look, Jumper Dress – New Look, Boots – Primark, Scarf – Accessorize, Bag – Sainsbury’s

I’m usually travelling to places by buses on a daily basis whether that is to work or seeing friends so the first thing that I tend to do before I leave the house is to check the Arriva Bus app to find out about any delays to the services I would be using. You can also find out where the bus is on it’s route and the times the bus is due at your local stop.

Around this time of year, the weather can be really cold and quite windy so I always wear warm coats and layers to keep me warm. Layers are fantastic for those days you decide to go shopping because you are able to adjust your temperature quickly.

One of the most important parts of staying safe whilst travelling is to charge your phone. I wouldn’t know where I would be without my phone while I am out travelling. I use the Google Maps in case I don’t know where things are in the area that I am in, the weather app, Spotify and games downloaded on my phone to concentrate on as I deal with travel anxiety and to update my boyfriend or friends whenever I am home. I rarely leave the house without a portable charger and a wire charger for my phone so if I need to charge my phone, I can do.

Winter is such a lovely season for getting out and about with friends and family but it’s so important to be careful.

How do you stay safe whilst travelling during Winter? Are any of these your top tips?

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