I don’t know about you but a crucial part of creating a cosy environment is by having the right lighting. As soon as I light a candle, I feel happier and more relaxed. Just walking along the coast with the dogs and seeing the sun rise or set puts a smile on my face. Lighting can really affect the overall mood of the space that you are in. Hygge is about feeling the warmth and comfort, physically and literally.

No recipe for Hygge is complete without candles” says Meik Wiking so it’s a good job that I have a range of candles around my room. Every evening I light all of them to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. As soon as the candle starts burning, it’s the time to switch off. Watch a film, read a book, listening to your favourite audiobook or scroll down Instagram.

I am a huge lover of scented candles; I think a lot of us are drawn to scented candles however Danes believe that these are artificial. The more natural and organic the candle is the better! Of course, I have a wide range of scented candles but in the future I am going to start looking into buying natural and organic candles. Did you know that a light party is held every year on May 4 to remember the day the BBC broadcasted the German forces who had occupied Denmark since 1940 had surrendered? Danes celebrate by lighting their windows with candles on this eventing to mark the return of light nearly 80 years ago.

Fairy lights are another simple way to create a calm space. It does create a different atmosphere compared to lighting loads of candles. Similarly to most bloggers, I think fairy lights are brilliant for backgrounds of photos and videos but the feeling you get when you switch off your main light and apply lighting through little bulbs is a lot more relaxing and peaceful. I often forget to switch them off before I fall asleep because they are that relaxing. I’ve learnt to make light a focal point in your room or throughout your home. I prefer warm coloured lights because they best resemble the atmosphere of candle light.

Hygge lighting isn’t just about the mood that you can set at home, it can be incorporated outside too. As I said earlier, one of my favourite things is to walk along to coast as the sun begins to rise or set in the evening. Photographers may refer to it as ‘the golden hour’ I love the warm, soft and diffused light that comes from the sun. One flick through my camera roll will show many photos of the sky with an array of different colours that puts a smile on your face and immediately makes you feel calm and less stressed.

When you are feeling anxious or stressed, take a walk to your favourite place in the morning or evening and capture the lighting from the sun. Set it as your background on your phone and guaranteed you will feel calm and relaxed many times. The best thing is that these types of photographs don’t require any filters or editing because it as all about the raw, natural beauty.

Have you got any other ways of creating a Hygge atmosphere through light? What’s your favourite way to relax and feel calm?

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