You may have already read my first post about starting a blog (read here) so I thought I would come back with three more tips that may help you get started. These tips, I feel, are aimed towards those who have started blogging and find themselves wanting to create more a brand for themselves. Let me know if this helps and if you have any tips to help each other out.

I’ve talked about having a Media Kit before. If you are wanting to start working with brands then this is vital to many brands and PR companies. A Media Kit is a document that has a bit about you and your blog, your social stats and important figures about your demographic. If you do have any other questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I could help you out! It is useful if you are wanting to make a professional impression. It’s worth sending one of these out when writing an email pitching to a brand.

Congratulations – brands are starting to notice you! Always declare in your posts, Instagram images or tweets whether it is sponsored content. I usually have a little message underneath my blog post letting readers know whether the post was written in collaboration for a brand. Why? Firstly, there is legal reasons behind it and secondly your followers will not care especially if your content is good and that they enjoy it. Alongside this, don’t get greedy and accept everything. There will be companies who may contact you asking to advertise or promote something which doesn’t fit with the theme of your blog. Readers appreciate honesty and if they notice something like this they will stop reading your blog and engaging with you. From a brands perspective, their money could be spent on another influencer who could promote it better on their blog. You could get extra brownie points if you suggest other bloggers who they could get in touch with.

I would highly recommend having a stash of photography props to keep your photography style similar in each post. I have attempted this during Blogmas last year and even wrote about my favourite festive photography props here. In all honesty though, anything in your bedroom, flat or house can be used as in photos. My favourites are blankets, books, magazines, makeup brushes and artificial flowers.

I hope these will help you up your blogging game. Of course these are just a few tips of my own but I would love to know what you suggest to. Let’s make this a helpful post for new bloggers.

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