When was the last time that you bought makeup and checked that the brand was cruelty-free?  When buying groceries most of the time it is easy to determine what is suitable for vegetarians and what isn’t, however, it is much harder to get this information about beauty products. Certain brands widely advertise that they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals, but others do not.

Brands that are widely known for their cruelty free products include LUSH and The Body Shop.  These brands market themselves as being ethical in their approach to beauty products so people know what they are buying.  The problem is that other than these brands how do you know if your make up was tested on animals?

Big name beauty brands are not required to advise if they test on animals or not which makes it much harder for people like us to determine if they are ethical or not. In the UK, animal testing by cosmetics companies has been illegal since 1998 but with global corporations creating their products outside the UK it is difficult to know for sure about any product – just look at the situation with SLG who creates the Zoella Beauty products. They are usually sold in Superdrug stores but when you look on their website there is an office in China where they are required to test on animals. I have put together four brands that you should definitely take a look at buying from this Christmas so that you can avoid those who test on animals.

Barry M is my go-to budget friendly cosmetics brand that has never tested on animals and a lot of their products are vegan. They are well known for their humongous nail varnish collection, however, it’s worth having a look at their other makeup too because it’s just as good. My favourites have to be That’s How I Roll Mascara, Afterglow Light Bronzer and their Matte Me Up Lip Crayons.

GOSH is another cruelty free cosmetics brand that doesn’t test on animals. Similar to Barry M most of their products are vegan too and you can easily pick them up in Superdrug stores across the UK. I don’t hear them being talked about as much as other brands from the drugstore but their X-Ceptional Foundation is a god send if you’re wanting something that is full coverage. I have recently tried their lipstick too and the lasting power is amazing. They are so creamy and moisturising. My favourite at the moment is this lovely dark red toned lipstick called Raisin.

The Body Shop is one of the biggest well-known brands that does not test on animals although owned by L’oreal. They have a lovely range of makeup, skincare, and products that men would love too. If you’re an O2 customer than you are able to pick up many deals with money off coupons. Other favourite products of mine include their Camomile Cleansing Butter, Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner and Vitamin E Night Cream.

What are your go-to cruelty free brands? Let me know if any of these are your favourites in the comments.

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