Morning everyone! It’s Sunday and I feel as though I haven’t spoke to you in forever. Last week was my first week at work and it went okay. I don’t know why I was so nervous for but I didn’t want to talk about that today. Can anyone remember my goals for this year? Well one of them was to kick start my weight loss journey and I attempted this at the start of the year but it failed, miserably!

I started Slimming World again just before I started my new job and I feel completely different about it. I was increasingly losing self confidence and was obsessed with wanting to lose weight. I even started to pinch my thighs every time I thought about chocolate and hated myself because of it. I don’t feel confident being naked in front of my boyfriend even though I know he doesn’t care about what I look like and he thinks I am beautiful no matter what.

We are also going back to Centre Parcs next year and I want to look slimmer and feel happier with the photos of myself so I decided I am going to restart my journey. It’s going to be a big part of my life because it’s a lifestyle change but I want to share my journey with you and perhaps we can support each other. I thought it could be like a casual post every so often where I can share my weight loss, recipes and the ups and downs.


First Session

The first session was a big thing for me. Even though I had been before I felt so worried in case people would judge me for losing track. I still wanted the support from my previous consultant and I didn’t know how she would react to me coming back but after all the worrying, I was fine.

As with any new member, the consultant usually sits you down at a table and explains the diet and gives you the pack which will be like your bible throughout your weight loss journey. You could have tea, coffee or just water but I opted for neither as I had some juice in my bag from earlier.

You get four booklets at first – a general overview of the diet which explains the free foods, a list of syns, recipes, the power of group and where your consultant will write down your progress. You also receive a pin code which gives you access to the Slimming World app. I love it as you can check the syns while your out and about. It’s just so useful!

Each sessions costs £4.95 but it does work out cheaper if you buy in bulk. After my introduction, I had the chance to meet everyone and say hello to some old faces, you can buy a raffle ticket and they even have Hi-Fi bars and recipe books for sale as well. My consultant then went through everyone who had a chance to speak about how they found the week and they had the chance to set a target. The awards are usually handed out after that. That’s another incentive of going to group; every time you lose 7lbs you receive and award and a sticker to add to your book. As well as this there is the chance to get Slimmer of the Week and Slimmer of the Month. Better prepare my speech, eh?!


My Target

I was weighed at the end of the first session. This was the part I was so nervous about because I knew I was at my heaviest. I saw the numbers appear on the scales and I felt like crying my eyes out but I didn’t. Knowing how heavy I was just gave me the motivation and inspiration to get started and lose some weight. She asked what I wanted my target to be and I said “I don’t know” so at the moment it’s my Club 10. This is when you lose 10% of your body weight.

Now, even when I lose 10% of my body weight, I am still going to be classed as overweight because I am such a small person. I’m 5ft 2 if you didn’t already know. But it’s a start in the right direction. I’ve always been a size 14/16 every since I started the pill as a teenager but if I can get down to a size 12 and feel comfortable then I will be happy. I know that I have a long way to go but I am just going to take it week by week.

So, How Have I Been Finding It?


I have found it so much easier than before. I have re-found my love for fruit and the whole Slimming World concept makes sense now. I have been trying to fill my plates with at least half speed food and still sticking to a vegan lifestyle as well. It’s like the best of both worlds which is something I was struggling with when I first started.

Unfortunately as vegans, any dairy apart from certain milks, is a syn but I am okay with that. I have been trying to have speed food snacks instead of reaching for something with a syn value and another plus is that I can still enjoy date nights with Edd. It’s been nearly two weeks since I started. The first week I managed to lose 2lb which I know it’s not as much as what some people lose in their first week but it is a start and that’s what counts.

If you have followed me for a while, you know that we enjoy the odd cinema trip now and again. I thought I would be in trouble after finding out the Odeon Medium Popcorn was 38 syns. That’s two and a half days worth!! I have even made my own houmous, free crisps and overnight oats. I have been trying to vary my diet instead of just have fruit, crisps and chocolate which is what I lived on before. The real struggle has been finding my chocolate fix. You only receive 5-15 syns a day but tips from other people is that they have received a greater lost when they are eating between 5-10 of these. There are a couple of chocolatey treats that I have been having in the evening when I am craving chocolate the most.

Sainsbury’s Freeform Chocolate Buttons – 7 syns

Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert – 5.5 syns

Alpen Light Jaffa Cake – 3 syns for 1 bar, 6 syns for 2 bars or can be classed as a healthy extra

Choc Shot (all varieties) – 0.5 syns for a tsp, 2 syns for a tbsp

I really hope you will enjoy following my journey with me. It’s 15 weeks until Christmas and if I lost a pound every week that would be a stone lighter, if I lost 2lbs a week that would be two stone and I would be able to reach my target. Obviously, I will be happy with whatever I lose. I’m sharing some of my food diary over on my Instagram account @julyjournal for those looking for inspiration.

Are any of you following Slimming World? Wish me luck!

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