Subscription boxes have been around for quite some time, believe it or not but before I started The July Journal I used to get quite a few until I realised that I would prefer to spend £10-£15 on something that I would actually use rather than a whole load of items that wouldn’t get a look in.

I have heard about The Vegan Kind and actually used to watch Karris’s videos on YouTube a while back now. The lovely guys had a stall at North East Vegan Festival so I thought what better way to try out one of their Lifestyle boxes which I have had my eye on since October last year.


When you first open the box, you find a letter which has details of the products that is inside the box including the prices of the products and the company’s details and websites as well as information about the featured charity of the month where the recipe has come from. Yes that’s right, each Lifestyle box comes with it’s very own recipe card and after six months you get sent a TVK ring binder to store them all in!



The Sarelle bar is the only thing that I have tried and loved (read here). It is much like a Ferrero Rocher but suitable for vegans. It tastes so chocolatey and is perfect for a Friday night treat! I haven’t tried any of the others but they all sound really good. The Good bar sounds quite similar to my all time favourite nakd bars with crushed dates, raisins, cashew nuts and little bits of dark chocolate. It sounds really delicious and I can’t wait to have a try. The Sweet Chilli Salsa peas sound equally as delicious. They are packed full of fibre and protein which I have struggled with since going vegan.  The crisps were delicious, I have had these already and they taste so nice but are extremely hot.


Sundried tomato paste is probably my favourite thing to cook with. I mix it with pasta, I spread it on tortillas, I even use it as a dip when I have crackers. I was so excited to see a jar of this hidden away in the bottom of the box. It tastes delicious and you can use it in many different ways. The recipe this month uses the paste to make Vegan Potato Skins which I can’t wait to try out at the weekend. They sound delicious! And last but not least is the Ecobamboo toothbrush. The whole brush is biodegradable including the packaging, so when you have finished with it and it’s time to get a new toothbrush you can throw it on the compost heap. Who knew that 1 plastic toothbrush takes hundreds of years to decompose! I certainly didn’t!

Overall, I am really pleased with what is in the box and has made me really think about subscribing to The Vegan Kind as a birthday treat. I think it is a great way for vegans to try new products that you have never been aware of or can’t get a hold of easily. The box is £13.15 including packaging which I think is great value for money considering the price of the products themselves.

What do you think of The Vegan Kind? Are you subscribed to them?