So it’s that time of the evening where I am snuggled in bed with food being prepared by Edd and I am sat watching Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. Can anyone remember watching it?

Last week, Edd and I went to see Girl On The Train and coming from someone who hasn’t read the book yet, I would highly recommend going and watching it. I like the type of film that keeps your attention from start to finish and that’s exactly what it did. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it was basically about an alcoholic who is trying to re-trace her steps when her ex husband’s baby sitter goes missing. I really want to read the book now as I have heard that it’s even better than the film.





We also attempted Yo Sushi! for the first time last week and I think I am addicted. Firstly, you can make an order from the menu or you can sit and pick the plates up from the ramp that goes round the main table. The plates are priced through a colour coded system. I think this varies depending on the restaurant but at the Metro Centre the green was the lowest and the light silver was the most expensive. My favourite dishes were the Cucumber Maki and the Apple Gyoza. This kind of brings me onto my next point.

This week I didn’t think I was the best at Slimming World however it was my surprise when I jumped on the scales and found a -4.5lb appear on the screen. This isn’t the exciting news though! I managed to get Slimmer of the Week and my 1 Stone Award which I think is amazing. I told myself that I wanted to lose 10% of my body weight by Christmas and if I work super hard then I could probably lose more than that. I feel so proud of myself and feel so much healthier although I still can’t notice much difference when it comes to looking at my body.












Yesterday we went up to Bellingham for the day and it was so lovely despite the rain. It was nice to not be on the internet all day. It was nice to listen to the sound of nature. It was nice to just spend quality time with Edd without needing to think about other things. We stopped off at the Fountain Cottage and Cafe for something to eat before heading home.

Have you been up to anything this weekend? Can you believe that it is November in just over a week? Where has 2016 gone?! Let me know in the comments what you like to do with Autumnal days.


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