Edd and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday because he needed to work today. I thought it would be nice to share with you what we got up to and some of the little things that we got each other. I love spending time with Edd; he is like my best friend and boyfriend all in one. He just makes me so happy.

We decided to go and see Deadpool at the cinema and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I highly recommend you going and seeing it (and don’t leave until the credits have completely finished, trust me). Before that we headed to Bella Italia for dinner. We both have never been there before so it was nice to try something new. I had a delicious BBQ pizza which tasted so fresh and not greasy like some pizzas while Edd had the Burger Americano which he really enjoyed too. For pudding, we shared the Cioccolato Diavola which tasted DIVINE!! It was full of warm chocolatey goodness that melted into your mouth after every bite.

Bella Italia

Cioccolato Diavola – £5.45

The Boyfriend Kit

Along with Brave, Edd’s favourite sweets and his very own robot teddy bear, I decided to gift him The Boyfriend Kit. I saw this idea through Amazon but really wanted to make it my own.

The kit includes: chocolate hearts to remind him how much I love him, a paperclip to keep us close together, sweets because he is really sweet, the Enigma puzzle (similar here) because we fit together well, marbles to replace all the ones I make him lose, a safety pin for always being my safety net, a matchstick because we are the perfect match, tissues because he is always there for me in both the good and bad times, a coloured pencil because he makes my day bright and colourful, a candle because he lights up my life, plasters because he always knows how to make things better, Ickle Baby Bot to add extra ‘fizz’ to our relationship and a rock because he is my rock.

Valentine's Day

I cried with excitement when I opened my present from Edd. He wrapped all my presents in pink tissue paper and place them in a gorgeous box. The card was so cute and he wrote some really nice words in too which I keep reading over. I had to scratch to reveal the ‘I love you’ part which I thought was so unique. I love the photo frame with a picture of us both and the mini teddy bear which has a home on my bedside table now. However the reason why I was so excited that I nearly cried is because Edd gave me two tickets to see Ben Haenow in April. If you follow me on Twitter then you will probably know that he is one of my favourite singers. I queued for hours to get a signed CD from him in November last year. I can’t wait to see him live and to share my first concert experience with Edd. He also added some chocolate love hearts too except mine were pink.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you do anything nice with your partner for Valentine’s?