Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping upon us. For the past couple of years I haven’t made a big deal out of it due to single life problems. It usually resulted in staying in with Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream, a massive bottle of something alcoholic, Bridget Jones’s Diary on repeat and a box of tissues. But this year, I am lucky enough to be with someone although we aren’t going to make a massive deal about it. Deadpool, Nando’s and chocolate treats is on the cards for us. It’s always nice to allocate sometime with your other half, at the end of the day he is probably the one behind most of your outfit shots or forever waiting for the ‘perfect’ Instagram picture of your dinner so why not make a day/night for the both of you! Here are just some affordable ideas:

Valentine's Date Ideas

As mentioned earlier, Cinema dates are on the top of my list! I know that my local Odeon do a deal where you can receive 20% off at Frankie and Benny’s from showing the waiter your ticket. It’s nice to just take some time out and relax with a film on the big screen. For any other students out there, you can get a Teen Combo deal for a fiver too making it the perfect date if your strapped for cash. Edd and I are planning on seeing Deadpool on Friday which I’m so excited about!

Do you both love spending time outdoors? Well, taking yourselves for a walk along the coast or somewhere in the country means you have plenty of time to talk about all your happy memories together and catch up. You could make a day off it and take some picnic treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, homemade cakes, a selection of sandwiches and biscuits to snack on during the day. It also makes for brilliant pictures and a sneaky blog post for later. There’s some amazing places around the North East too, for example: Whitley Bay Beach, Plessy Woods, Bellingham and Seaburn to name a few.

An evening in is always a brilliant idea too! Order your favourite Dominos pizza or cook yourselves a dinner together, select a couple of films and grab your popcorn, sweets and choice of drink and your good to go. It’s always nice when you build your own den out of blankets, cushions and duvets. Add an unrealistic amount of fairy lights round the room and burn their favourite scented candle so it looks all cute and tumblr inspired for when your girlfriend/boyfriend walks in. They are bound to love you more for that!

Finally, take yourselves away for the weekend. I don’t know about you but life can get pretty hectic at times especially when your both working or studying and you hardly get to see each other most of the time. Spice up Valentine’s in a completely different location. It doesn’t have to be far either! Edinburgh, York, London, The Lake District are always amazing places to go and there are usually a lot of last minute deals available too. A friend of mine was treated to a weekend away in Amsterdam with her loved one the other year and she loved in. Not only does it give you a break away from your home town but it gives yourself or them something to blog about when they get back. You’ll probably be given loads of brownie points too!

Do you do anything special for Valentine’s Day? Have you been on any creative Valentine Dates?