If there is one thing that us bloggers enjoy; it’s cake and lots of it. If there is one thing that boyfriend’s enjoy doing; it’s coming with you on little adventures to find delicious cake so they can fill there stomachs too. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Edd was down with the idea when I suggested we should try The Great British Cupcakery. We went there for lunch the other day and are already planning on making another trip because the food was that good!



As soon as you walked into the café, your eyes travelled over to the counter that displayed a lovely array of cupcakes, scones, tray bakes and larger cakes. It all looked so good and so fresh! After a warm welcome from staff, we could choose where to sit and were given some rather unique menus. For our lunch, we opted for sandwiches. Edd had a ham salad sandwich whilst I went for the cheese and caramelised red onion. They both came served with leaves and crisps. I was more or less sold when they brought out the Fentiman’s drinks anyway. The sandwiches tasted delicious however I was bit upset when they didn’t bring them out at the same time. Edd had nearly finished his by the time mine was finally served. It wasn’t even that busy when we made our order.




Obviously we couldn’t leave without trying their famous milkshakes. Goodbye diet! I have seen them plastered over all blogs, Instagram and Twitter. Firstly, I didn’t realise how big they actually are. Note to self: you don’t need both a sandwich and one of these mouth-watering milkshakes! We decided to go for something different so we could try each others. I opted for the Salted Caramel option which was divine. It was served with a large helping of whipped cream that helped the brownie stay on top. The milkshake was so creamy and delicious and the salted caramel drizzled over the top was like the icing on top of the cake! Edd went for the chocolate milkshake that came with a chocolate ring doughnut. His was equally as delicious but I think I preferred mine over Edd’s – that’s a first.



Overall, I would highly recommend checking them out. The staff were so accommodating even though it was rather busy. The food tasted delicious and the milkshakes were out of this world. The only negative I have to say is that I wish they would offer a dairy free milk whether that be coconut, almond or soya but other than that I will definitely be making another trip in the near future.

Have you been to The Great British Cupcakery before? What’s your thoughts? Let me know what you had if you have been.

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