It’s time for my weekly visit to The Good Apple Cafe in Sunderland. Hafzah, Libby and I are regulars at the cafe and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and the food so it seems right to get round to writing a review.






For lunch, I had scrambled tofu with brown toast which tasted delicious. It was such a warm day so I opted for a bottle of victorian lemonade which was so refreshing!



As a bit of a treat for finishing one of my essays, I brought myself a vegan friendly pecan brownie. It was really chocolatey and moist. Overall, I really enjoy the cafe. I like how they offer loads of vegan options but not to restricting if you take a non vegan friend. The atmosphere is really calm and relaxing, perfect for a break from essay writing! I definitely recommend giving it a go if you ever find yourself in Sunderland.

Do you know of any nice vegan cafes around you? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to visit them one day.