Phill and I went to Nino’s in The Gate, Newcastle yesterday to have some time to talk about life and try and mend our argument which has both been causing us to get upset and angry over the past couple of days. 
Before seeing him, I came up with the help of friends and family that I wasn’t ready to let things go over a small thing and decided to meet up. On the way up to town, I felt nervous and excited because I didn’t know how things were going to go. We decided to talk about it over dinner and I thought it would give me a perfect excuse to get my camera out and blog the evening with Nino’s.
The starter of potato skins was delicious, even though it took the waiter 30 minutes to serve them as they completely forget about us! After that the dinner came out quite promptly. Phill had a gorgeous pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and peppers and I had a meatball one (but took most of them off) but we both ended up sharing. The food was delicious and was really inexpensive. I would definitely recommend going rather early for better service.
As far as the relationship goes, we have decided to give it one last try at things as we both love each other and want to make things work. We made it up to me by treating me to a lovely meal out which was delicious and a Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar for me to use when I got home.
Have you ever went to Nino’s before? Is there something similar near you?