So it’s Sunday Morning and I thought I better catch up with you all before Edd arrives so we can head down to see his family. On Friday, I combatted my anxiety and went on a three hour train journey to Warrington to spend the weekend with my sister and Noel. It’s been the best couple of days in a long time. Noel has grown so much. Since I last seen him he can even sit up by himself; drink from a cup and nearly feed himself with his spoon! He has been trying lots of different foods and especially enjoys chocolate croissants. It’s amazing how much babies can develop in such a short space of time.


At the start of the week, Edd and I went to see Suicide Squad despite the bad reviews it has been getting. Personally I really enjoyed it. It was full of action which is what I really like to see in films such as this one, Harley Quinn is a babe and I highly recommend you watching it. Edd really enjoyed it too and we both thought it didn’t deserve all the criticism that it has been receiving.


We have also binge-watched Stranger Things (finally)! All  I can say about that one is W-O-W!! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it but I have a lot of questions that need answering so fingers crossed for another season. The show is an eight part sci-fi series set in the 80s; the complete opposite to anything I usually pick but it was certainly worth watching. Edd wanted to drag it out over a couple of days but after watching the first five in one night, he couldn’t wait to continue it the following morning. I was a bit skeptical at first but it was definitely not what either of us was expecting. Speaking of Netflix, Scream finished this week too. I thoroughly enjoyed the finale, it was definitely not what I was expecting though. The directors have you thinking all sorts of different things whilst your watching it. I don’t really want to say anything else cause spoilers and things.

Lastly, I need to lose weight. I’ve probably said this statement a handful of times on my blog and thousands more on my social media but this time I mean it. I stepped on the scales whilst I was staying at Edd’s the other night and got the shock of my life. I felt sick and so disappointed in myself, especially after all the hard work I put in whilst following Slimming World at the start of the year. Although, the shock of the number displayed clearly upset me maybe it’s the slap on my face that I needed. On a positive note, I have been swimming twice in the past fortnight and want to continue going every week, even when I start work. I don’t want to be fat forever! I want to be able to feel confident and happy in myself without feeling as though everyone is looking at how big I am. I’ll probably keep you updated with my progress.

How’s your week been? Have you got up to anything exciting? Have you got any weight loss tips? What’s your thoughts on Stranger Things, Suicide Squad and Scream? Let me know how your doing.

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