The Scrumpy Willow And The Singing Kettle has always been on my list of places to try. It always looks so busy every time I walked past it. Last weekend I was walking round the streets of Newcastle looking for somewhere to eat and remembered that I wasn’t too far away from the Scrumpy Willow so I decided to give it ago.


If somewhere specifically states that they have a selection of smoothies and juices then I will more than likely go for one of those. I decided to go for the High Kick, I think! It had carrot, orange and ginger blended together but tasted delicious. It was so refreshing and just what I need to cool me down after walking round in the heat for what felt like hours.



Next up was food! There was lots of veggie choices however not that much for vegans which I was kind of upset about but maybe its me just being a fussy eater again. I did quite like the sound of mashed banana on homemade bread however I went for the homemade falafel with sweet chilli sauce, salad and a dollop of hummus. It tasted divine! I would definitely recommend it if you like things like this. The falafels were perfect and went really well with the pitta bread and sweet chilli sauce. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it now. Overall the service and food definitely lived up to my expectations and the lunch menu is certainly something worth trying! My only regret is not going sooner.

Have you tried the Scrumpy Willow And The Singing Kettle yet? Is there any nice places in your area that you enjoy going to daily?