The greek-style weather has temporarily disappeared so I am currently sitting outside with my warmest hoody on in the back garden wondering where I should begin. For those of you who haven’t realised, I have taken an unintentional two week break from blogging everything. I didn’t really know why but now that I have sat down to write this post with a box of strawberries by my side and A Head Full Of Dreams blasting away, I can think of a number of reasons. Shall we begin with the positives? (I would also recommend grabbing your favourite blog reading beverage and snacks as I think this may be a long one.)

Firstly, I haven’t had a phone for a whole week. Considering I am the type of person who breaks their phone within the first month of my contract, I was surprised that after seven months I dropped it for the first time ever! Luckily enough I pay £5 towards insurance a month which covers everything including water damage. So with an extremely cracked screen, I contacted O2 and they were able to replace my phone the following Tuesday. I sent it off on Wednesday afternoon, for those who are interested. I managed to bag myself I completely new phone and can still claim again if anything else happens. Thanks O2, your amazing!





After much thought, I decided to head off to Langely Castle with Edd to his friends’ wedding last weekend and I am so thankful that I went. Overall it was a really lovely night and I think I bonded a bit more with his friends. Well, I hope so. The part which I really wanted to talk about was how anxious I was. For a good month or two before, I had many sleepless nights worrying about what will happen. You would only need to ask Edd how sick he was of me changing my mind so many times. It was probably about 20 to 30 times…however it has taught me that I need to say ‘yes’ to a lot more things even if your unsure about it at first. Whether it’s as simple as going out for a walk somewhere different or attending an event that was full of a lot of people that you don’t know. I was only there for the evening part but I found this relaxed maxi dress from Sainsbury’s to be extremely comfortable. The night before was another friend’s gig. It was actually his last one before he cycles round Europe for the next five months, lucky him! Again, it was such a lovely night and I am so glad that I went.

On the other hand, there has been many events that I have turned down over the past two weeks because my anxiety has been so bad. For example, I was invited to a lovely tasting session at Harissa’s Kitchen in Newcastle which sounded brilliant but over the past week I have been so anxious and panicky about things that it has been a real struggle to go to different places by myself. I still feel so disappointed about not being able to go even though it’s nearly a week after the event. Part of it maybe due to the amount of job interviews I have had recently, which is obviously a positive thing but maybe it’s just all due to the amount of pressure to do well that I just want to snuggle in bed and not need to think about other things. Another part of the anxiety is how easily frustrated you can get at certain situations and recently that has been causing many arguments between a lot of the people I love which has also left me feeling a bit rubbish.


This past week, Edd and I have seen Batman: The Killing Joke which was a ‘one night only’ event across the Vue Cinemas where the comic book was turned into an animated film and it included a bit of a documentary style part which told you a bit about the film. It was something completely different to what we usually go and watch but it was probably one of the best films that I have ever watched and that’s saying something! We had also used our Sainsbury’s vouchers to see Finding Dory which I highly recommend you watching as it was so fun. Definitely worth dragging your secret disney-loving boyfriend/girlfriend along too, trust me. How cute is baby Dory though?!

In other news, I have tried to stay away from social media recently and I can honestly say that the break away from everything has done me the world of good. I have been able to concentrate on living in the moment rather than worrying about capturing the perfect picture for Instagram or updating Twitter about what I have been up too that day. I have been able to write blog posts without feeling the pressure of having nothing to put up on a Saturday morning after a busy week of enjoying my time with family and friends. For this reason alone, I am going to go back to writing three in-depth posts about whatever I fancy a week instead of forcing a forth out which I am not particularly that proud of.

How have you been? Are you okay? Are you planning on trying anything new this summer? What’s your thoughts on Finding Dory? Let me know in the comments or you could always tweet me.

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