The Fenwick Food Hall has been a popular place for food lovers to go ever since it’s opened and although I live in Newcastle, I’ve only just got round to trying it out the other day. The Food Hall has a range of different foods including a delicatessen counter, bakery patisserie and an array of restaurants including Ko Sai – this is where Alice and I decided to eat because it looked delicious and unique.

The restaurant is a lovely Pan Asian noodle bar that serves up a range of soup noodles, stir fries, curry and Thai or Vietnamese salads. As we waited for ours to arrive, our wondering eyes couldn’t help but look at all the other orders that were coming out and how delicious they all looked. Luckily for us there was a deal on at the time where you could have something from the list that was given and a drink for £10 which is a complete bargain if you ask me.


I chose to have the Pad Thai Noodle Stir Fry that had rice noodles, tofu, peanuts, bean shoots and lime which tasted AMAZING! I could happily have it all over again. For all those who are non-vegan, there’s an option to have this dish with chicken or king prawns.


Alice chose the Ko Sai Ramen which was a clear Japanese broth, pulled pork, soft egg, Narutomaki and nori that she equally enjoyed.

Overall I would definitely be making a returning trip soon as the food was fresh and tasted delicious. The service was quick and the staff accommodated our needs very well. I think it’s amazing that you can even view the menu online before you go too.

Have you managed to make a trip to the Fenwick Food Hall yet or even tried Ko Sai recently? I’ve been finding it all so exciting to find new places to eat recently!

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