I can’t believe that later this week we will be heading into December. The final month of 2016! I fancied writing a bit of a chilled blog post this Sunday as last weekend was pretty busy. I wanted to share with you one of my favourite discoveries whilst I was in York and that is the Goji Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe because it was honestly delicious.



Inspired by the vibrant and colourful goji berry, Goji strives upon bringing customers a lovely experience and that is exactly what we received. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming with the heaters on full blast as we walked in from a wet, rainy morning in York. They are passionate about the quality of their dishes by using only natural ingredients from local suppliers and organic produce.

As you walk by the cafe and once you have stepped inside you are greeted with colourful dishes, and delicious looking cakes, that gives you a taste of what you can order before you are shown to your table.




The food was served promptly and after much deliberation I went for the Goji Hotdog which is a tofu hotdog in a baguette with ketchup, gherkins, onions and side salad. It was delicious and much needed after a trip around York’s Chocolate Story. Edd went for one of three Tortilla wraps with mixed green salad and chutney – I think it was the spicy mixed bean and spinach but whatever it was, it also tasted delicious. To share, we went for the Sweet Potato Wedges that was served with a lemongrass mayo and let me tell you, they were heavenly!

After reading other reviews and stalking their social media I was all for trying a slice of cake but I was just so full that I couldn’t possibly fit any more food into my tiny stomach – it just means I will have to come back someday soon.

Have you ever been to the Goji Cafe? What’s your thoughts?


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