Every time I have walked through the new Grey’s Quarter at intu Eldon Square, I find myself eyeing up all the lovely food at quite a couple of new restaurants that hasn’t been in Newcastle before. Last night, Edd and I was heading into town to see Star Wars: Rogue One (it was brilliant by the way!) so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out one of these new restaurants. After much deliberation, we decided on the Giraffe World Kitchen.

We were welcomed by a two members of really nice staff to be seated. Lucky enough for us, there were seats overlooking the Old Eldon Square which was perfect for watching the world go by and for Edd to catch items on Pokemon GO. There was a lot of choice when it came to the menu including; steaks, burritos, bowls of different rice dishes, tagine, burgers and salads. I can guarantee that you will find something, even those who are fussy eaters like myself.

As I was sipping my Wavebreaker Cocktail which was a delicious blend of pineapple & coconut, we decided to share a Garlic & Rocket Flatbread which tasted so good – as you can tell, we couldn’t wait to tuck in because it looked so delicious! Similarly to your standard garlic bread but it was nice not to have it to crisp and with the added rocket, it felt as though we were having something healthy.

When it came to choosing the main, there was one dish that really stood out to me – the Halloumi & Falafel Burger from the ‘Juicy Burgers’ section. It was beautifully stacked and absolutely delicious. It had grilled red pepper, carrot, beetroot, mixed leaves, hummus and tzatziki in the burger too so I had to pull it apart and have it in two bits because it was so big. You can have the dish with normal skin-on fries but I upgraded to the sweet potato choice for an extra £1. I struggled to finish all of it but Edd managed to help me out a little.

Edd went for the Rodeo Burger which included: grilled chicken breast, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, roasted field mushroom, beer-battered onion rings, BBQ sauce, mixed leaves, tomato slice and mayo. It also came served with skin-on fries however he upgraded his to topped homefries which had cheese and pulled pork on top.

We finished off our Giraffe experience with a sharing plate of Churros which was coated with cinnamon sugar and came with dipping chocolate sauce. Delicious!

Overall, I was really pleased with the customer service and the food from Giraffe. The food exceeded my expectations and the service team was really helpful and catered to our every need. We didn’t have to wait to long in-between each dish which I was so pleased about. Honestly, I recommend that you go and try it out.

Have you ever been to Giraffe before? What’s your thoughts?

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