When Beca from Those Moments of Serendipity asked if I wanted to go with her to the Coast to Coast Christmas menu, I couldn’t turn her down! I have heard fantastic things about the restaurant and the bar. The décor reminds me of a high end American diner which I loved. The food and drinks which I tried was delicious and I highly recommend trying them out at some point over the Christmas season.
We got given a glass of warm spiced apple cider as we walked in from the cold weather to warm us up. Personally I loved the taste of the cider and the idea of it however other bloggers weren’t too keen.
Before the Christmas food preview, we got given a cocktail class by mixologist Andy Pearson. He picked on a few of us to re-create the cocktails after showing them.
Mimosa was inspired by the classic champagne and orange juice.
Eggnog blended with milk and cream.
Chocolate Orange Martini was my personal favourite. The white chocolate frosting around the edge gave the drink such a unique taste as well.
First off we tried the vegetarian options of Mushroom Risotto and Goat’s Cheese Bruschetta Bites. These were probably my favourite out of the dishes which we sampled.
Secondly was a mini Maple Bacon Burger with a good help of chips and coleslaw. The burger is definitely unusual with the maple adding sweetness to the burger.
I am not really a fan of the traditional Christmas dinner however we couldn’t be trying their preview menu without a sample of their Roast Turkey Dinner. The vegetables, stuffing and potatoes was delicious!
After three courses of dinner, I was completely stuffed however they came out with lovely sharing portions of their puddings. These included Pecan Pie, Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Sundae and an Ice Cream Rack which had mint chocolate chip, banana and pecan nuts, chocolate honeycomb and blackcurrant cheesecake.
We ended the night with a demonstration on how to make The Snowman cocktail complete with it’s own face made out of mint matchmakers, mini Oreo biscuits and a carrot for his nose.
All in all, I enjoyed the evening and it was certainly a break from my hectic lifestyle at the moment. It was nice to get into the Christmas spirit early and I will certainly be going back at some point to try more of their food.
You can view more of their menu here or book a table for Christmas here.