Last weekend I was having breakfast with the woodland animals, enjoying the nature sounds and watching Edd windsurf. Yes, I went to Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would probably go right towards saying it was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. At first I was really anxious about going because I didn’t really know Edd’s family all that well but I am also not really the sporty person. I am most happy when I’m snuggled up in bed watching Netflix, YouTube or blogging and this was just completely out of my comfort zone however I am so glad I agreed to going because it was amazing! We all had a lovely time and are planning on going back next year. My favourite part of the holiday was just being able to feel calm and relaxed but also the swimming pool with the rapid slides. I thought I would put together a photo diary to share with you some precious moments. Grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy this rather picture heavy post.








The view outside our villa was lovely. We had a gorgeous pond that the ducks loved swimming around in and constantly saw squirrels and moorhens come exploring around our garden.







When Edd and Paul (his sister’s husband) went off to do their windsurfing lesson, I went on a walk around the lake with the rest of his family. It was so lovely and calm. I saw a lot of lovely flowers, baby animals and swans. It was also nice the get to know the rest of his family without Edd being there.











Before heading home, we had a look around the Nature Reserve and saw a lot of animals including fish, ducks with their ducklings, more squirrels, mice and rabbits. Did you know that nettles are a rather special plant too? They support over 40 species of insects including caterpillars, butterflies and moths. Once cooked, it loses the sting and surprisingly has more iron in than spinach!



The food was nothing to complain about either. Before heading to the villa to unpack, we had lunch at Café Rouge. I had the Fromage baguette which was camembert, plum tomatoes, gem lettuce and chutney which was then served with chips. The chips were delicious and not too salty which was a winner in my book. Café Rouge was lovely but the Pancake House was outstanding! Edd and I actually went their twice. The first time I had the savoury Goat’s Cheese pancake with caramlised onion and sun-blushed tomatoes which was rather delicious. The second time we went, I had the Chocoholics American Stack pancakes which had chocolate and toffee sauce, whipped cream, crushed Flake, Rolos and Munchies. I was in heaven! It was divine!

Overall I had a lovely weekend and could quite happily do it all over again. Bring on #CentreParcs2017!

Have you ever been to Centre Parcs? Let me know in the comments where your planning on going this Summer.

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