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The other week, Benefit had rather extraordinary party honouring one of their best selling products, the POREfessional. Apparently it was the Newcastle girls that tweeted the most and eventually won us a party and in all honesty I am not surprised! The blogging community has grown in the region and even though it was open to the public, there are plenty of Benefit beauty girls who live in Newcastle anyway. I always see the Benefit counter in Boots rather busy. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay the whole night but it was nice to be involved in the quizzes where they were giving out free drinks and some generous prizes.

I attended the event with Beca, Alice, Rachel and Melissa. It was lovely to catch up/meet the girls and I really enjoyed my time at the event even though I had been struggling with university and panicking the week before. There was a photobooth that I just couldn’t resist going in and make overs getting done by the lovely Benebabes. Overall, it was a really nice relaxing event.

It was so good to see such a successful event happen in the North East and I truly think the region should get more recognition for its talents.

Have you been anywhere nice recently? Let me know in the comments!