You are probably hoping to come across some informative post which has took ages to write about what happens behind the scenes of blogging but it’s Sunday and that shit is kept for weekdays only! In case you didn’t know, I am the mother to two Bichon Frise puppies who are the cutest and most adorable dogs ever. I don’t know what my life would be like without them. They have developed their own personalities and really do manage to put a smile on my face every single day however blog photo taking sessions are nothing like how they used to be. Anyway, I wanted to share with you a collection of photos from ‘behind the scenes’ when I’m taking my blog photos or catching up on YouTube videos.




I hope you enjoyed this little photo diary that I put together. I am currently at Centre Parcs with Edd and his family so you can expect a lot of lifestyle posts next week. I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

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