When I moved back home, I knew that I wanted to ‘redesign’ my bedroom. I wanted more storage, a nicer desk that wasn’t falling apart and a TV so I can catch up on PLL and YouTube videos in bed. I used to spend hours browsing Instagram and other blogs for inspiration and ideas. With this in mind, I thought I would show you a sneak peak at my bedroom, now that I’m finally happy with it!

Unlike the stereotypical blogger whom usually goes for the Ikea ‘Malm’ dresser, I decided to go for Ikea’s ‘Micke’ workstation. It has a long drawer where I store all my makeup, lots of shelving space where I can put DVDs, notebooks and my Tsum Tsums as well as a cupboard where I can keep skincare, haircare and other beauty bits. It’s £90 including the shelving on the top. Another factor about this desk which I have fell in love with is the magnetic board. It makes it easier to stay organised with my blog and goals that I want to achieve. Unfortunately, there is a cable outlet in the middle however this is easily covered up with a Disney mug storing all my makeup brushes or pens however it will be useful in the future when I have an iMac.



As you walk into my room, you can see this gorgeous monochrome canvas of a flower opening up. I picked this up from a charity shop for £3! I decided to display my scarves on my wall because I think it’s a really nice way to give your room added detail without spending a fortune. They were originally hung up in my wardrobe but I have easier access to them now and they make great backgrounds for blog photos too!

Bedroom Details

Scarf Hanger – Primark, £2

Bedroom Details

I have decided to stick all my #lushkitchen Polaroids on the back of my wardrobe doors. I think they look amazing and is another creative but simply technique to add a bit of character to your room.

Bedroom Details

My ‘Billy’ bookcase has lots of deep shelving space to keep all my books, notebooks, candles and favourite images in one place where as the cube storage unit is a great way of displaying special moments that I want to have on display. I have placed all my jewellery on the top so I can access them easier.

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peak around my room. Do you like minimalistic bedrooms or do you prefer bedrooms filled with memories and colourful pieces?