Morning you lovely lot! Today’s post is a bit of a catch up as I feel like I haven’t properly sat down and spoke to you in a while. Have you got your cuppa at the ready? I certainly have.

Edd and I went to see Bridget Jones Baby the other week and I thought it was hilarious. I would probably go as far as saying that it’s the best film I have seen since Deadpool or Suicide Squad. It had me hooked right from the start until the ending credits because it was that entertaining! I also found out that a small bag of Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style popcorn is 3.5syns so I can still go while on the slimming world plan too. Please say that I am not the only one who drooled over how hot Jack was…


If you follow me on social media then this will come as no surprise to you but this week I managed to get my half stone award, bronze body magic, silver body magic and was slimmer of the week in my group. I was weighed on Wednesday and I am still in my little happy bubble about it four days later. I feel as though this time round I am more motivated than I was when I first attended the group at the start of the year. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for another loss this week, yeah? For those of you thinking of starting slimming world and thinking that you can never eat out; well that’s a complete lie because I went out to an Indians on Thursday night to celebrate my cousin’s birthday still managed to find something low in syns and was suitable for vegans too. We went to the Shukran Indian Restaurant in Whitley Bay. I decided to have Bombay Potatoes with Plain Rice and it tasted amazing (considering I am not a curry person)!


I have been at my new job a month now and I have settled in well. I am finding the apprenticeship part really difficult but the work which I need to do for my job is brilliant. In fact, I would go as far as saying that I love it but this is coming from someone who was unemployed since dropping out of University in December. I feel as though things are starting to look a lot more positive than it was before. I will tell you something though, I thought I was a morning person but I couldn’t be more wrong. However, I have learnt a couple of tips and tricks to help you which I thought I could include today so you can at least get something from this post rather than just reading me ramble on about nonsense.


Step One: Blast your favourite music. Not only will this wake you up but it will put you in a positive mood. At the moment I love playing the #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify. There’s just something about listening to old classics that puts me in a good mood.

Step Two: Have a drink. Get a glass and down some water or juice. I have found that this is another tip that helps me wake up especially if it is freezing cold because it’s a shock to the system. I’ve also heard that if you have a glass of water whilst your getting ready, it can help you avoid an early morning headache or sickness which I used to get when I didn’t do this.

Step Three: I don’t know about you but I love coming home to a tidy bedroom. I always try and make sure I keep my room tidy by quickly returning everything to it’s rightful place before heading out the door. Additionally, you don’t have to do it when you come in from work at 18.45, knackered because you have been up since 5.30 and you are greeted with the world’s biggest mess on your bedroom floor.

Step Four: Avoid social media until you have walked out that door. I would rather spend an extra 20 minutes walking the dog or laying in bed then skipping down social media nowadays. This will probably change once I have got used to working full time but at the moment I enjoy having a social media free morning until I step out the door and I am heading up to the metro. It gives me a bit of time for myself rather than worrying or stressing about everyone else’s lives. Is that selfish?


The last little thing I wanted to have a talk about today was Imii’s post. She was saying that she felt as though she had nothing to give to the blogging world and let me tell you, she definitely has! I love her blog. Her photography is amazing. Her writing style makes me feel as though I am talking to a friend. She is so truthful and relatable. Imii’s blog, like many others I follow, is what I like in the blogging world. Everyone fits in to this big, old blogosphere and no one should feel as though they have to be into the same thing as someone else. It’s good to be different. That’s what teachers and your parents said when you were in school. You don’t need to be in a girl gang or a squad. You should blog for you and your happiness. I like blogging because it is a stress reliever, even though it can bring along many stressful times. I like blogging because I like to share my thoughts about products or things I have done. I like blogging because it feels as though it is the only thing I am good at sometimes. Personally, I don’t think I have many blogging friends. Not those who meet up regularly anyway but I love receiving feedback from posts on Twitter or in the comments. I know that The July Journal’s readership is small but I don’t care about the numbers because that’s for the bigger bloggers, the ones who are making a living out of it.

The other point I wanted to mention is to not be afraid when it comes to blogging. Kathryn wrote an inspiring post this week on contacting Brands/PRs and it has won ‘the most helpful post‘ award this year. No matter how small you are, if you want to work with a brand and have a real passion for their company just contact them. Send them and email, follow them on social media, write review after review of all the products that you love and maybe you will be rewarded. If you don’t try and get in contact with them then they simply won’t know you exist. How do you know that they will turn you down? You don’t because you haven’t bothered trying. I am kind of speaking to my inner-self about this too because I want to work with quite a couple of brands but I haven’t developed the confidence to do so until I read Kathryn’s post. She has even included a template message of what we could email over to a Brand or PR which is extremely helpful to us collab newbies.

How’s your Sunday looking? I went swimming yesterday so I am off to have a relaxing day with Edd before a new week at work tomorrow. How have you been? What have all been getting up to? Are you all ready for Lush Christmas posts over the next couple of weeks?

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