Lately I’ve really been finding it difficult to not only get to sleep but to stay asleep as well. One evening after having a bath with my Sleep Easy Radox Bubble Bath. I decided to burn Yankee Candle’s French Lavender Wax Tart to see if this would be able to help me sleep a bit more comfortable. I have used Febreze’s Moonlit Lavender Air Spray and that seemed to help for a little while but didn’t really fix the problem. I am so surprised that it has helped me sleep a lot easier, although I still have a problem staying asleep at least I have sorted out half of the problem and now have myself a set night time routine. The scent is so calm and relaxing, depending how late I light it the fragrance can sometimes stay until I wake up. I am now on the hunt for the large jar full so it lasts a lot longer. If you have troubles getting to sleep something like this might help you.
Have you used the French Lavender wax tart or candle?