I have actually banned myself from the Cohorted website since ‘treating’ myself to this beauty. You all should be proud of how well I am doing with this, especially with the weekly updates on what will be going live on Monday! Anyway on to the review. If you didn’t read my review about the original then you can read it here and my god the excitement of getting ready in the morning has just reached new levels as each day I am using various combos of both eyeshadow palettes, watch this space!
You should know by now that this palettes are great for travel lovers and perfect for creating that day time smokey eye look which you can get away with. I find the shades of Naked Basics 2 a lot more user friendly for someone of my skin tone. Skimp and Stark are shades which can be used on the inner corner of the eye however I have used Skimp as a highlight and that worked out really nicely too. Frisk, Cover and Primal are brilliant for blending on the eye lid without going to heavy. I find these shades work really well with the Naked 2 palette for creating various eye looks for any occasion.
For the past week or so I have been using Undone for creating a smokey eye effect without using a black eyeliner and using this instead. I have had quite a lot of compliments on the look as well. This is just something a bit different which you can do if you want to switch it up. I love how much you can blend the shades into each other to create a subtle smokey eye as well as the pigmentation of the eyeshadow itself. Overall it gets a massive thumbs up from me!
What’s your thoughts on the Naked Basics 2? Have you got this palette?