Afternoon beauts! So I thought I would do another post today because this little gem really has impressed me recently and the photography skills of today was zero due to it being a Christmas Gift Guide. I first spotted ‘Deeply In Love’ on Hello Freckles when Tasha wrote a review about the polish too. When I met her in person the other day at the Body Shop Event (read here) she spoke fondly of it and convinced me to give it a try. I feel that this shade will certainly become a staple shade for this season. I found that the formula is smooth and not to thick and looks lovely underneath two other shades which I will be showing in the near future.
I have worn the polish for four days now and you can hardly notice any chipping. I do use a top coat all the time when painting my nails but because of it’s glossy finish, if your in a rush or really can’t be bothered to use it you wouldn’t really need to.
There are more than 20 shades to choose from so you will more than likely find a shade you will love and at £5 each, it will be a good little treat to yourself for passing that assignment like me or getting yourself a new job.
Have your tried The Body Shop’s nail polish range? What’s your thoughts?