With the Winter months right around the corner, I thought it was about time to share my favourite reds. Now those who know me well or have read my blog for a while will already understand my love/hate relationship with a red lipstick. I usually go for risk-free nudes or pinky shades but over the past year there are a couple that I have fell in love with.

The first long term favourite of mine is the Lush Lipstick in the shade Power. The warm toned, moisturising formula is not only perfect for this time of year but is a lovely all year round shade. It is a nice subtle red which I think got me into the red lip to begin with. Personally, this is classed as a bold lip for me but I think it is perfect for all occasions. The applicator makes it easy to apply and it lasts most of the day on the lips which means you don’t need to spend half the day topping it up.

Another red lipstick that I have fell head over heels for and one which is rather similar to Power, is the B. Lipstick in the shade Alexa. This was a lucky find when I was in Superdrug just before they discontinued the B. Makeup Range. If I remember rightly, I managed to find it for under £2 which in my eyes is a bargain! Unlike the golden, warm tone in Power, Alexa is a lot more matte whereas Power has a slight liquid lipstick feel to it.

From top to bottom: Cherry Bomb, Alexa, Vega and Power

My next favourite is the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Lipgloss in Cherry Bomb. This a lovely subtle red which just adds a little colour onto the lips rather than being a statement lip. The formula is extremely lightweight which means it’s a perfect one to wear comfortably day-to-day. The only negative is that it can go everywhere including the top of your hot chocolate lid or your boyfriend’s cheek when you kiss him goodbye in the mornings.

Finally, I have Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine Lips in Vega. Unlike the others, I feel as though Vega is a cool toned lipstick thus making your teeth looking sparkling white which is always nice. The formula is so pigmented and has such a nice sheen on the lips. I haven’t really worn this lipstick during the day but it is lovely for evening occasions. I have found that this is the one that I need to re-apply the most but that doesn’t bother me as I love the colour so much. I love wearing this with minimal eye makeup as it is such a statement colour.

What are your favourite red lipsticks for the winter season?

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