Long coach journeys’ is something which I have got used to. Last year I shared my road trip essentials, and today I thought I could share with you what is in my bag for the long seven hour journey that Phill and I will be doing later tonight. I also, secretly, wanted to share my new handbag which I picked up in the New Look Sale the other week. Personally I am in love with it and surprisingly, it fits quite a lot in!
Probably the most important item for coach journeys is the earphones and iPod combo. I don’t know where I would be without them. Coach journeys can get a bit load and sticking some of your favourite music on could be an easy distraction. My current favourite albums are Welcome To The Jungle, Songs of Innocence and Motion.
The notebook which was from my lovely blogger friend, Katy, is perfect for writing down any ideas for blog posts, to do lists and any last minute meetings. It’s a perfect size for my bag as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
As far as beauty and skincare is concerned, I am taking a fair few bits on the coach with me. A Body Shop Hand Cream is perfect for keeping my hands soft and nourished, an Impulse Body Spray is perfect for making me feel a bit fresher (you tend to get a bit hot after two hours on the coach) and my Honeymania Lip Balm is perfect for keeping those dry, cracked lips at bay.
My last few items are Eleanor And Park which I have been saving for my London trip and again is perfect for giving me a distraction on the coach. I haven’t started reading it yet but I have heard a lot of good reviews about the author and the book. The final item I am taking is my phone. Something most people say is glued to me. Perfect for posting a tweet, promoting my blog and playing endless amounts of levels on Candy Crush.
Have you ever been to London before? Can you suggest anything worth doing while we are there? Let me know in the comments below!