There’s nothing I love more about blogging than writing some form of lifestyle post on a Sunday. I love chatting to you about the latest place that I have visited, a date night that Edd and I have been on or my new favourite place for food but over the past couple of weeks I feel as though I have lost my way a bit. I want my Sunday posts to be more personal, more like a summary of my week. I love writing on my blog but I want it to feel as though you can have a conversation with me and be my friend because that’s what blogging is all about to me. It’s about the community that us bloggers, like myself, create with our readers, like you.

It’s a Friday night. I am currently in bed with ice cream whilst waiting for Love Island to start. After weeks of planning, I have decided that this is going to be the first of my ‘new and improved’Β Sunday Posts. They may include what I have been up to during the week. They could be like an Instagram diary. Or they could simply be a restaurant review like the good old days. I want to be able to share my favourite music, bloggers or youtubers with you all or mention how I have been feeling that week. I am hoping that you are going to enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoy writing them.




So, what have I done this week? I have spent far too much money on collecting those Disney Mini Figures. I have actually managed to double my collection in the past week (sorry Sainsbury’s…) and the best thing is that I’ve had no dupes for a while. For those interested I currently have: Stitch, Alien, Genie, Maleficent, Alice, Daisy, Donald, Mickey, Mr Incredible, Captain Hook, Ursula and Ariel. I just hope that I am going to be able to collect them all before they stop selling them.

I also brought Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree Body Spray from Lush. This is something that I have been wanting for so long but never got round to buying. I love the scent so much, it just reminds me of being on holiday and walking down a long winding path of Greek/Spanish flowers. In other news, Edd brought a car. It’s such a lovely shade of blue and it’s a Ford but if you want any more information you’re going to have to tweet him cause I don’t understand much else about it other than that. And that it runs really well and the sound that comes out of the speakers is utter bliss – cue Disney soundtrack on repeat! Other than that, not much else has happened apart from the usual job hunting and lying in bed watching endless amounts of YouTube. Before I go, I just wanted to give a shoutout to Lauren from What Lauren Did Today, Jess from italktoghosts and Michelle from Daisybutter because all three of these girls are so supportive, so beautiful and so creative in their own unique ways and I really hope I can meet all of you one day. I also wanted to quickly mention that I have been loving Fabulous Hannah, Ellie from NinkComPoop and Sophie LouiseΒ over on YouTube – all three girls are definitely mood changers.

How’s your week been? I hope you have had a lovely week.

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