Happy Halloween!! I couldn’t go past today without adding my take on something to do with Halloween so today I will be sharing some really simple designs with my favourite nail polishes. Personally, Friday 31 screams all the reds, bright oranges and of course blacks!
I am well aware that the majority of them are Barry M but if you haven’t figured it out by now they are my go to brand and they just work for me. Why change something which doesn’t need to be fixed?! Anyway I love mixing up Barry M’s Mango and Black. I think the two shades go really well together and creates some really simple, easy designs. Some other favourites from the brand are: Bright Red, Ruby Glitter and Blood Orange.
Other polishes I like using are the Maybelline Colour Show in Chalk Dust to create a dotty spider web effect, Barielle’s Lava Rock which is a transparent Grey/Black which is perfect for those who don’t want something to over the top and a pinky/red shade which I received free with an issue of Company earlier this year. I think Barry M’s Ruby Glitter goes perfect on top of Company’s nail polish as it brings out the pink.
Have you got a favourite Halloween nail polish?