A lot can change within a month as I mentioned in my previous Monthly Gratitude List, you will know I was making some pretty massive life decisions. Well, I moved back up north due to financial and personal reasons. It was quite stressful but at the same I feel like a weight as been lifted. I’m so happy to be around my family and friends now.

Shall we get the terrible news out the way before moving onto the good things? Last month I mentioned how important my boyfriend as been over the past year. This month, it hurts me to say that we’ve recently broken up. Heartbreak is horrible, long and upsetting. I’ve kept off social media for the past week and really struggled to start writing blog posts as well. The words just aren’t coming to my head. With the break up also comes the end of a 10 year friendship which personally I think is the difficult part in all of this. I suppose time really is the best healer.

Okay let’s move on from the sadness. Happy Easter! It’s actually Easter weekend. I’m currently writing this with a breakfast of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and Malteser Bunnies, oops! I think there’s going to be a family dinner later and perhaps a good old Easter egg hunt but I really don’t know what the plans are. I was out for drinks on Friday and Saturday #partyanimal but I’m really suffering for it now. Both nights were really enjoyable and memorable as well. I managed to bond with my new team and had a lovely night out with my cousin and his friends.

Some other little things that have happened this month are: a new walk-in wardrobe/office, lost nearly a stone since returning to Slimming World, started looking at Summer holidays and started to feel a bit more relaxed thanks to the Lush Easter range.

What have you enjoyed this month? Have you got any goals for April?

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