This month I have felt really down in the dumps which is rather unusual for me as I am usually such a happy person rarely having ‘down’ days. A lot of people have said something similar when I’ve been talking to other bloggers and people in my life. After reading India Robyn’s post, I thought I would begin a new series on my blog. Welcome to the Monthly Gratitude List! It’s essentially a list of positive things that have happened within the month for me to be grateful for and look back on to see what I’ve achieved.

I suppose I should start with one of the biggest changes and that is finally getting a job with one of my favourite brands. Everyone knows how much I loved New Look clothes and now that I work at my local store I am just wanting every new trend all the time. I’m aware that a lot of people aren’t keen working in retail however I am loving it. I love being on my feet surround by clothes. My team are slowly turning into friends and not just work colleagues. It’s just been a really good month as far as work is concerned.

Fresh flowers. When I came back from Newcastle, Mark brought me a bouquet of flowers and they have lasted a solid month. It’s now going to be a tradition that my flat will always have flowers in. It makes the tiny little flat look a bit more homely and as though Spring is on its way despite the cold, windy weather outside.

I’m so grateful to the amount of opportunities I have been given this past month with brands and PR’s regarding my blog. I’ve been able to step away from my usual content and post about other things that I enjoy. It’s been really good to me so far and I really hope it continues throughout the rest of this year.

Is there anything you’ve been grateful for this month? Let me know in the comments!

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