Last week, I shared my Ultimate Cruelty Free Gift Guide that focused solely on cruelty free beauty and skincare for both men and women. This week, I am sharing with you the Lifestyle Christmas Gift Guide which has a lovely mix of lifestyle bits ranging from books and chocolate to stocking fillers ideas suited for anyone in the family. I have tried to include something for everyone. So whether you are looking for some inspiration because you still haven’t got a clue what to get anyone or you are needing to find a little extra present to put in your boyfriend’s stocking – I am hoping this list will help you out a little.

Books are a lovely idea to gift someone as you have so many options and can really make it personal by writing a nice message inside. I have bought many people books this year including this Personalised ‘My Adventures With Peter Pan’ Book* for my nephew. Even though he can’t read it yet, it will be a lovely keepsake for him in the future and it’s really personal to him as it includes his name, birthday and a little message inside from myself.

Some recent book releases that I have really enjoyed is the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Jim Kay’s illustrations are so beautifully designed that it makes reading the books even better. I have also enjoyed reading Girl Online: Going Solo written by Zoe Sugg. I am half way through at the moment and really enjoying it. The books always keep me intrigued and wanting to read more and more.

If they aren’t a particular fan of reading books, their favourite comic could be a good idea. I went to see Batman: The Killing Joke earlier this year and I know the Blu-Ray is coming out before Christmas so I thought it would be a nice idea to get the comic book for the film too.

Personally, I am a stationary addict. I would happily admit that too. An illustrated print, a quoted notebook to write lists and blog ideas or some cute highlighters with little faces on always makes for a lovely present. There are a lot of lovely stockists that sell really amazing quality products including Sighh Designs and Dot Creates. My favourites are the ‘I Totally Have My Life Together’ Notebook which would be lovely for anyone that has moved out of the family home to write down budget lists and their income/expenditure. I use it to keep up to date with paying back any debts that I have and help with savings. If you are buying a gift for a blogger, they will adore The Ultimate Blog Planner to help them plan their content and keep up to date with their stats across social media. You might not understand but it is super difficult to keep track especially during busy periods.

Another creation for Dot Creates which any blogger, student or illustrator would love to find in their stocking is this lovely set of Gold Foil Pencils. I love the crisp white design and the little slogans on the end. The rubber actually works properly too unlike any of the supermarket pencils. I have also thrown in the ‘I’m A Blogger. What’s Your Superpower?’ Print from Coconut Lane because it would make a lovely gift for any blogger that is eager to create a statement wall. Coconut Lane are another company worth looking into if you wanting to buy a Christmas present for a blogger. They have everything from cushions and socks to phone cases and jewellery.

Chocolate is next on my list of ideas. What is Christmas without chocolate?! If you’re looking for a vegan friendly option I highly suggest Thortans Chilli Chocolate Block especially if you know someone who loves hot foods. Another option could be the Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Coins or the Moo Free Merry Moo Selection Box. If they aren’t a chocolate lover and have more of a sweet tooth then I highly recommend heading to your local Magic Candy Factory as they have created the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer which gives you the ability to customise vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free gummies. They are made with vegetable based gelling agents and natural fruit and vegetable extracts so they don’t even feel as though you are having a treat. You can get text, images and shapes printed and beautifully gifted in a box for £10.00 which personally I don’t think is too bad.

Music and films are always a great option for anyone. They are a nice stocking filler to give to someone or you could treat them to their favourite box set of films or TV programmes. As I mentioned earlier, I got Batman: The Killing Joke but one which was definitely on my list is Finding Dory and any other Disney films that I haven’t got yet.

Music is another one loved by all. If you know that they are into their YouTuber’s, Dodie’s Intertwined EP is a lovely listen when your writing blog posts. If you know the person that your buying for is really into their music, you could buy them a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music. These are really good options for students as the subscriptions can be really expensive.

Other miscellaneous ideas include a Photo Frame with images that are personal to the receiver of the present, slippers, cosy socks, a candle such as The Body Shop Candle and cookbooks are a useful gift to anyone whether it’s your Mum, Brother-in-law or Student. My particular favourites are The Vegan Stoner Cookbook and The Hungry Student because the recipes are all really easy to follow and are so affordable.

I hope this was helpful to any of you who still are looking for ideas. Let me know what your favourite budget friendly present ideas are.

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