My beloved Snow Fairy perfume from the Lush Kitchen is slowly running out which meant that I was on the search for a new perfume. The Library of Fragrance was introduced to me after watching one of Zoella’s videos from ages ago. Since then I have fell in love with the brand. At the start of the summer I brought Pistachio Ice Cream, which still smells amazing, and Sunshine which has recently ran out. With this in mind, I was definitely ready for a Library of Fragrance splurge.

The Library of Fragrance perfumes are really affordable so they won’t blow the budget, they last on the skin for most of the day and they are all cruelty free and vegan. The website states: “All of our products happen to be vegan friendly: none of them contain animal-derived ingredients (even those that sound like they might, like Beeswax and Honey!).” It’s always nice when you know you can trust a brand from what they say on their website.


Gingerbread was the first one I spotted on the shelves. Not only does it scream Christmas but the smell is amazing! I have a feeling that I will be wearing this throughout Autumn/Winter because it is so unusual. It has quite a sweet smell much like Pistachio Ice Cream however you can still smell the spicy ginger fragrance once it is on the skin. I wore it too work the following day and everyone asked what perfume it was because it smelt really good.

Next up was Sex On The Beach, I had a sniff of this one when they first appeared on the shelves in Boots last year and fell in love. Picture yourself sitting on a tropical beach sipping a fruity cocktail and that’s the scent of this perfume. It is such a mood booster. On the website it states the fragrance has a mix of: vodka, pineapple juice, raspberry and melon liquors and cranberry which is why it has such a fruity scent. I think this particular scent is one that you either love or hate as it is much stronger than any of the other scents that I have had from the brand.

Lastly, I picked up Peach. Again, this is another scent that you could either love or hate because it is such a strong fruited scent. Similar to Sex On The Beach, it is a really fruity scent but this time it’s just a singular fragrance. Personally, it doesn’t really smell like the fruit but I like how it’s quite a complicated scent. I think it would be quite a nice one to wear if you have an evening occasion.

Have you tried any of the Library of Fragrance perfumes? Which one should I pick up next? Let me know in the comments what fragrance is your favourite.

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