It’s that time of the month again where I take a look back over my Instagram snapshots. Personally, I love these kind of posts because they make for easy reading and you can stare at all the beautiful photography too.

August 2015 Instagram Summary


August has been emotionally challenging both in good ways and bad. I took a trip up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival which was quite amazing and different. You can read more about that here but next year I would love to go for a lot longer. I painted my nails for the first time in months using Barry M’s Dusky Mauve. I love the two-toned colour of the nail polish but mine was getting a bit old so I thrown it out and brought a new one. I have spent a lot of time meeting new people this month which has either included a trip to the cinema to see a film or Nando’s #veganstyle! Sometimes both. I have watched: Pixels, The Gift, Trainwreck and Inside Out – all of which was amazing apart from The Gift which wasn’t so good. I also managed to get myself a permanent part time position at The White Company but let’s keep holding our breathes cause I need to get through my three month probation period with them first. Long baths and meetings on the beach with Chloe have been particular highlights of the month. Sometimes it’s nice to just take some time out from your life and take in the surroundings around you. Last but not least, if you read my last post (read here) then you will know I needed to say goodbye to my best furry friend, Sunney. Hopefully September will be better!

Have you been up to anything interesting in August?