The other week I stumbled into Lush on numerous amount of occasions and with this being my most favourite shop EVER! I couldn’t help but ‘treat’ myself to some of my favourites and their Easter goodies.

This is what I got;
  • Dragon’s Egg – a lovely citrus smelling bath bomb with a special hidden surprise.
  • Sakura – a floral/jasmine scented bath bomb with florescent pink splats (no word of a lie, this is the reason I picked it up).
  • Fizzbanger – a bright yellow, lemon scented bath bomb perfect for a refreshing well needed bath.
  • Fluffy Egg – if for lovers of the Snow Fairy collection which they bring out during the Christmas season, its sweet scent just makes me want to eat it!
  • Golden Egg – a lovely gold glitter covered bath bomb which smells of orange, honey and toffee.
  • Bunny Bubble Bar – this cute little fella can be used numerous amounts of times and has the same sweet smelling scent as the Fluffy Egg bath bomb.
  • Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask – a brought this because I am getting sick of breaking out all the time and have literally tried everything so hopefully this is going to help combat those horrible spots.
For better descriptions, feel free to check their website. If you want me to write up any reviews of any of the products just let me know and I would happily do so.
Have you brought anything from Lush recently?