I love desserts. In fact, there is nothing I love more than browsing down the dessert menu after a lunch or a dinner. I’ve just got such a sweet tooth.

The Frogurt Pot has recently opened up in Shrewsbury town centre and it offers a healthy place to have a sweet treat. It’s selling point is Frozen Yogurt with various toppings and sauces to choose from however there is also options to have smoothies, waffles, crepes and hot drinks.

Sinead, the manager of Frogurt Pot, came up with the idea as she wanted to bring something healthy and delicious to Shrewsbury. It has brought something unique to the little town of Shrewsbury and I reckon it’s going to become one of my favourite places to go to.

The environment was really vibrant, colourful and lively which made the atmosphere even more appealing.

I was kindly invited along to take a couple of pictures and was gifted a couple of things from the menu. I went for the chocolate flavoured frozen yogurt with chocolate buttons, strawberries and strawberry sauce along with the Pash ‘n’ Shoot smoothie that contained passion fruit, pineapple and mango blended with fresh apple juice. Overall I really enjoyed the Frogurt Pot for a refreshing and healthy treat and I am definitely going to be trying out a lot more of the menu.

Do you enjoy frozen yogurt? What’s your favourite flavour?

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