The one fashion piece that I’ve always wanted to pull off has been a pair of dungarees and the lust grown when I was flicking through some old toddler photos that I came across a couple of weeks ago. It’s such a 90’s look which I’ve adored so much for a long time. Now I’ve tried many a pair of dungarees but they just never looked right.

I found myself this pair of black denim dungarees whilst on a shopping trip in New Look, typical. I love the quality of the New Look things anyway and find that their denim range washes really well. I knew I could rely on New Look!

I usually pair them with a pair of Converses and jumper or t-shirt. All that’s missing is Rosie & Jim on TV and my afternoon snacks that I used to have when I was a child. Mine used to be Nesquik chocolate milk and a packet of raisins. When I am trying to dress them up a bit, I like pairing it with a nice shirt and some loafers for a smarter look. I just find them so versatile. I would love to find a pair of blue denim dungarees for the Autumn months now.

Are you a fan of the dungarees and striped top look?

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