In one of my most recent posts I mentioned that I have been slightly addicted to Lush and can’t really trust very many brands at the moment. Being vegan and cruelty free can be hard going sometimes. Anyway, the other week I popped into The Body Shop wanting a foundation and came out with a whole base set that I have thoroughly enjoyed using. Today I’m giving you a quick rundown of what I brought…

The Body Shop Haul

First up is the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder. I do love a good matte base, in fact I am not really the one for dewy foundation at all so I am always on the look out for a good powder that lasts the majority of the day. I was matched to Shade 3 which is quite close to my skin tone. I have fell in love with the powder. It gives the skin a slight glow without it looking too sparkly so I reckon it will be perfect for Autumn/Winter too. More importantly it makes my foundation last without that dewy effect that I am trying to avoid. It has a large mirror which is so handy for applying a quick top up on a day to night occasion. I have used it now for the past month and I can barely notice that I have used it, definitely worth the money!

Next is All In One Concealer, which I have heard good things about from various different people. I haven’t used this product as much as the other two as I still have a lot of my non-cruelty free concealers left over but I have noticed that I get a really good coverage from using it. It can blend easily and is really lightweight, brilliant for hiding those pesky dark circles that continually make an appearance nowadays. Fun fact though, dark circles aren’t actually caused by how tired you are. They are from oxygenated blood under the eye. The skin is thin so blood shows through it easier, because we’ve been lying down for a while they can be more noticeable in the morning. Anyway moving back to the concealer. It’s brilliant for covering dark circles but not so good on the redness of my spots. I was matched to Shade 2 because you are recommend to use a lighter concealer to your foundation for that area of your skin.

The Body Shop Haul

Finally, I have become obsessed with the Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation. I am always on the look out for an excellent performing high coverage foundation that feels light on the skin. If this is something your after then the search may be over for you too. This liquid foundation is high coverage and makes me feel so confident when starting to apply my make up in the mornings. It can easily be built up to the coverage you like which is another factor in the reasoning behind why I love it. Yes it does provide a dewy finish however this can easily be controlled with a pressed powder like the Bronzing Powder mentioned earlier. And in case you didn’t need convincing already – it is fragrance and paraben free as well as containing an SPF 30, brilliant for summer days and the environment. I adore this product so much and can see myself becoming a regular user of the foundation. You only need a little product for it too go along way which is different to previous foundations I have had where I am using three to four pumps at a time. I would highly recommend the Minerals Foundation if you are on the look out!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? What’s your thoughts on The Body Shop’s Makeup Range?