Ever since I have been introduced to The Body Shop via their Advent Calendar during December, I have been head over heels in love with their products. I have been completely in love with their Seaweed Toner, brilliant for those who have combination skin however the thing which I wanted to talk about today was how amazing their hand creams are.
First off, the packaging looks really expensive compared to other drugstore hand creams. I recieved some of them in my calendar however the others I have brought myself. My favourite is definitely the Frosted Cranberry but unforntuately it’s only a Christmas scent but is does smell super yummy! The formula is so moisturising and even the small tubes can last for ages as you don’t need to use loads. It dries really quickly but the scent stays on for ages. I usually put a pea-sized shape on before my 8 hour shifts at work and it lasts all day.
Have you ever tried The Body Shop hand creams? Which scents have you tried? Let me know!