I did have planned my long awaited 2016 Lifestyle Favourites post but that stuff can wait until Saturday because I’m far too excited to share this post. This beauty tool that I am about to share with you has been my life saver, honest! I just can’t wait to see what your thoughts are because I have seen so many other bloggers review it too and they have all said good things as well.

I don’t know about you but I am never the one to deep clean my brushes as often as I probably should. I am just super lazy when it comes to looking after them and to be honest the thought of new brushes wins me over every single time however when I was told about The Shadow Switch* , it was like music to my ears. I was a little bit skeptical at first because I didn’t know how something like this could possible exist let alone work. but in all honesty, I love it!

The Shadow Switch is a little pot with a sponge pad that wipes away the excess powders, foundation, colours that you have previously used before moving onto the next shade or colour. Surprisingly, I have quite a small brush collection – it all fits into one of the largest Disney mugs I own so hearing about this magically beauty tool is brilliant. It arrived in the post the other day and it has solely found it’s place in the top drawer of my beauty cabinet. It’s only taken me a week of using it non stop to release how much it changes your makeup looks. I use the same brushes quite a lot when creating smokey eyes but with the shadow switch I don’t need to worry about the colours mixing up so I end up with the same shade across the whole of my eye anyway. It helps to get in between all the little brush hairs and clear the brush compared to wiping it on the back of your hand or cleaning it with a bit of toilet tissue or makeup wipe.

It’s recommended that you clean the sponge with soapy water every so often for hygiene and cleanliness reasons and to switch the sponge every two -three months due to wear and tear but I will take that over deep cleaning every week. Needless to say that I am so impressed with the product and I am not the only one in the blogosphere that has the same feeling. You can purchase your own shadow switch for £5.99 from Amazon.

Have you tried the Shadow Switch before? What’s your thoughts?

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